Cardboard can be a surprisingly good choice for furniture

Cardboard can be a surprisingly good choice for furniture for several reasons:

1. **Affordability**: Cardboard is typically much cheaper than traditional furniture materials like wood or metal, making it an economical option, especially for those on a budget.

2. **Lightweight**: Cardboard furniture is lightweight and easy to move around, which can be advantageous for people who frequently rearrange their living spaces or move homes often.

3. **Sustainability**: Cardboard is recyclable and often made from recycled materials, making it an environmentally friendly choice for those concerned about sustainability.

4. **Customizability**: Cardboard can be easily cut, folded, and shaped into various designs, allowing for a high degree of customization. This flexibility in design makes it suitable for creating unique and personalized furniture pieces.

5. **Temporary or Portable Use**: Cardboard furniture is often used for temporary or portable purposes, such as in temporary housing, exhibitions, or events, where its lightweight and low cost make it a practical option.

6. **Surprising Strength**: While cardboard may seem flimsy, when constructed properly using techniques like layering or corrugation, it can actually be quite strong and durable, able to support the weight of a person or various household items.

Overall, cardboard furniture offers a blend of affordability, sustainability, customizability, and surprising strength, making it a good choice for certain applications where these qualities are valued.